Eric M. Messner
Member AEA
Ht: 6'2" Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue


Twist Your Dickens Marley, Fred, etc. Second city and Kennedy Ct. Dir. Frank Caeti
Wait Until Dark Mike Everyman Theatre Dir. Donald Hicken
Jack & Phil Giant Slayers Bill Coverall Imagination Stage Dir. Janet Stanford
G-ds Honest Truth Josh Theatre J Dir. Jenny McConnell Frederick
Julius Caesar Caesar Opera House Arts, Maine Dir. Peter Richards
Lump of Coal for Christmas Uncle Otis Adventure Theatre Dir. Holly Twyford
Oogatz Man/Artist Descending a Staircase Thomas/Donner Longacre Lea ProductionsDir. Kathleen Akerly
Time Stands Still James Dodd Everyman TheatreDir. Jason Loewith
The Book Club Play Rob Smith Arena StageDir. Molly Smith
Birds of a Feather Birder HUB TheatreDir. Shirley Serotsky
John and Beatrice John HUB TheatreDir. Helen Pafumi
Burn Your Bookes Edward Dyer Taffety Punk TheatreDir. Marcus Kyd
Mary Rose Harry & Simon Blake Rep Stage Dir. Michael Stebbins
Much Ado About Nothing Benedick National Players (Tour 53)Dir. Jim Petosa
Freud Meets Girl David Freud Wayward TheatreDir. Randy Baker


Veep Smitters (Staffer) HBODir. Chris Addison
The Men Who Built America James Eads History ChannelDir. Patrick Reams
The Wire Alma's Boyfriend HBODr. Scott and Joy Keckon
Two Front Teeth Kevin/Mall Santa Roast Beast ProductionsDir. David Skrabulis


Gator Six Lt. Marty Denmith WILL InteractiveDir. Jeffrey Hall
Do No Harm Dr. Tony Hart WILL InteractiveDir. Skip Schwink
TSA Commercial Traveler (Principal) MRB Dir. B. Elsom

Training/Special Skills

University of Maryland, Baltimore County, BFA in Acting
Acting: Sam McCready, Alan Krizenbeck, Xerxes Mehta
Alexander Technique: Wendy Salkind
Neutral Mask/Commedia: David Gaines
Acting in Film: John Vreeke, Woolly Mammoth Theatre School
Improv: WIT Level 1-Matt Mansfield, Level 2-Stewart Walsh, Second City Improv Intensive at Woolly Mammoth Theatre
Special Skills: Yoga enthusiast, basic guitar (open chords), print modeling experience, teleprompter experience
Accents: Scottish, Irish (Belfast), British RP, cockney, German, Russian, Brooklyn, Australian
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